SSC – anonymous LDAP bind

A customer was having a problem with getting the SSC to return users or groups using the “Manage Users” section after connecting to an LDAP source. When trying to search for a user they were getting the following errors in the SSC.

CWWIM4548E The LDAP attribute used as an external identifier ‘dominounid’ has a null value for entity ‘CN=Ben Williams,O=Acme’.

The Domino LDAP repository was managed by another company so we couldn’t see the schema but running an LDIF showed we weren’t seeing all the user attributes. To work around this the customer edited the wimconfig.xml (making a backup first!) and adding the line in bold below.

<config:externalIdAttributes name=”distinguishedName”/>
<config:attributes name=”userPassword” propertyName=”password”/>
<config:attributes name=”krbPrincipalName” propertyName=”kerberosId”>

Make sure the change is synchronised to all the nodes and the DM is then shut down and then started again. If you have any application servers installed then make sure the node agents and application servers are also restarted.

The customer was eventually provided with a bind account to use and the above change was undone.