How to change the Placetype of a Place in Quickr

Once you have created a Place in Quickr it’s not easy to change the Placetype to another for example switching “Standard” to a custom Placetype.

In the Placecatalog you can see

Open \LotusQuickr\bentestplace\main.nsf.

Create an agent to change  h_PlaceTypeName to the name of the custom Placetype.

Run the agent against h_PlaceTypeStamp and check that the value has now changed.

Run load qptool upgrade -p bentestplace -f which will change the PlaceType in the Place Catalog to Custom Placetype, designer will run and the Place will change to the custom Placetype*

*Replaces the elements of a place with the elements in its parent PlaceType. Use this argument with caution because with the exception of elements created in a place that do not originate from the PlaceType, use of the argument removes all changes to elements made directly in the place.
If you do not use this argument, the command refreshes a place with elements from its parent PlaceType, but retains changes to elements made in the place.