Rename of Connection Community doesn’t rename return label in Quickr

A customer has come across a problem when using the Quickr Connector for Connections.

The Connector allows a Quickr Place (called a Teamspace) to be created from within a Lotus Connections Community on the Quickr server which allows the Community members to take advantage of all the good stuff Quickr has to offer. It also synchronises the Community membership with the Quickr database ACLs.

This problem appears when the Community name within Connections changes, the Quickr Place (Teamspace) doesn’t change with it and can cause confusion for users.

I created a Community in Connections called “ben test first name”

When you enter the Teamspace in Quickr you see a return link back to the Community “ben test first name” in the table of contents.

In the Community I edited it and changed the name to “ben test second name.”

On returning to the Teamspace the return link still states the old name but the name of the Teamspace has successfully updated placecatalog.nsf and in turn the GUI.

I figured a work around which could involve editing the h_ReturnLabel field with the correct name. This agent could key off the correct field value in placecatalog.nsf or you could manually change the field value.

I logged a PMR to see whether this could be resolved with an ifix or fixpack and it doesn’t look likely. The change would mean some substantial work on Quickr so that the table of contents return link changes when the Community name changes.

It was also suggested that a possible work around could be to use a generic return link (like in the Community “Quickr Teamspace” in the first screen shot) but that again would mean some substantial work.

I have raised an enhancement request to address this in a future release of Quickr possibly 8.5.2.