Sametime Proxy URL redirection

A while ago I worked with Frank Altenburg of ISSL on a customer engagement and one of the many titbits of information he gave me was how to change the context root so that users could enter or for example and be redirected to automatically.

I used this approach in a proof of concept environment whilst deploying Sametime 8.5 some time ago for a customer and worked well for redirecting the URL for the Proxy.

You can get the war file here.

In Sametime 8.5.1 the Meeting Server already has this application and does not need this war any more.

Log into the SSC.

Stop the Sametime Proxy.

Change to applications.

Install a new application.

Browse in the “Local file system” if you have the war locally on your workstation (from where you have started the browser and accessed the SSC).
Use “Remote file system” if you have already copied the war file to the Proxy server’s OS.

Select the “proxy.server.root.war” file and select Next.

Select the default “Fast Path” and click “Next.”

Accept the default and click “Next.”

If you are installing in a single node just accept the defaults and click the “Next” button. If you are installing in a Cluster, then change the setting In the “Cluster and services” select the node / server or Cluster (the Proxy Cluster) you want to install the application to. Then check the “Select” check box. Then click the “Apply” button. Then click the “Next” button.

The context root path normally is “/.” This means that when a user enters “” it will be automatic redirected to “” If you want the users accessing the system with “” then enter in this field just “/chat.” Then click the “Next” button.


Sametime Proxy – development material

I read with interest Carl Tyler’s recent blog entry Sametime Proxy in which he talks about the Sametime Proxy. I agree with Carl that the Proxy is a great piece of technology and a great replacement for STLinks.

I demo’d in my blog entry Sametime Proxy in iNotes – death of STLinks? how the Proxy can be used to replace STLinks in iNotes which should be supported in Sametime 8.5.2 (from what I was told last)…..

Not being of a development mindset I do not fully appreciate it as a toolkit but I do appreciate it from an infrastructure and functionality standpoint and the customers who have adopted it appreciate it’s features.

I look forward to Carl’s forthcoming blog entries so keep an eye on his blog.

New Sametime white paper: Understanding IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 enterprise architecture and design

I noticed that a white paper from Andy Yiu was released two weeks ago focusing on the architecture of Sametime 8.5x. There is some good information in there and I’d recommend that anyone working with the technology should read it. It’s good to see that information is continuing to be released.

developerWorks article