High number of publication points observed for Connections Files – no notifications

I raised a PMR with IBM after noticing (whilst investigating another problem) the publication points were at it’s upper most value, 50000.

I also saw the following in Files SystemOut.log

“javax.jms.JMSException: CWSIA0067E: An exception was received during the call to the method JmsMsgProducerImpl.sendMessage (#4): com.ibm.ws.sib.processor.exceptions.SIMPLimitExceededException: CWSIP0251E: The destination connections.events on messaging engine filescluster.000-ConnectionsBus is not available because the high limit 50,000 for the number of messages for this destination has already been reached..”

Having not had any issues reported by the customer I raised a PMR to find out why this had happened and the effect that it may have had. Quite quickly after some testing I found that no notifications were being sent from Files.

What triggered this blog is the publication of a Technote  (created from my PMR) detailing the reason and the permanent fix. One thing the Technote does not cover is how to clear the queues which will DELETE all of the pending messages.

Delete the SIB file stores – just delete everything under the “messageStores” directory. Location can be found under Buses > ConnectionsBus > Messaging engines > <clusters> > File store, ie:


– Delete the WebSphere transaction logs under


– Delete everything under that directory.

– Start the nodes.