Connections email notifications schedule

A customer was asking me about the daily and weekly digest notification emails that are sent out. Their query was going down a different route but to try and head off a potential question about editing the times that the notifications are sent I read around Customizing IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 email digests which was useful but did not give me the information I wanted.

Remembering that I had read something related to this in the last couple of months I went through my feeds and found that one of my ISSC colleagues Dave Hay had already blogged about it in a post IBM Connections 3.0.1 – Email Notifications

“There is no set ‘time’ for the digests, they are processed/delivered throughout the day.

The users in the system are split into 20 tranches.
Each hour, a task runs to pick up the next applicable tranche (i.e. one whose daily digest was not processed in last 24 hours, or whose weekly digest has not run in 168 hours).

You could change the time of the hour that the task runs, but this will not give the behaviour you are looking for.”

Thanks again Dave!