IBM Installation Manager cannot find a supported browser

When installing IBM Installation Manager on a new Linux server I found that my browser would not start and my shell told me that a supported browser was not found.

I checked again and I had run export BROWSER=/usr/bin/mozilla but still no browser appeared.

After 5 minutes of Googling I found Launchpad does not open on AIX or Linux operating systems for the IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) 7.5.x and IBM Business Monitor V7.5.x products which instructs you to edit the appending the following line. I checked Firefox using firefox -version and indeed it is version 10.x.

case “$*” in
*Firefox\ [1-9].*) return 0;;
*Firefox/[1-9].*) return 0;;
               *Firefox\ [1-9][0-9].*) return 0;;

Now when running my browser appears Smile