Sametime Configuration Validator

I admit I was a bit late checking this out but I’m glad I finally took the time to install it. This Eclipse tool allows you to export data from your Community server such as sametime.ini, stconfig.nsf as well as the output from for the WebSphere components and check for configuration problems.

Like many of these tools the report makes suggestions as to possible configuration errors such as with LDAP which may not actually be a problem for a customer but does highlight potential problems and becomes invaluable if you are actually faced with problems highlighted in the report.

What I like about this tool is the fact that I can get a lot of data in one place and export it to pdf in a nice format. This replaces the need to delve in databases, text files and xmls and makes it easier to revert back to. Working for an IBM business partner I could see the benefit of using this to compliment a Sametime health check.

If you want to read more about it below are a selection of links that I found useful.