Change who the announcement is from when sending a Sametime IM to a mobile device

A customer was having a problem with notifications sent to someone using a mobile device logged into an STProxy server. The name of the server was not “Server” as it is normally but rather a random other server. There were two approaches, continue fixing it or remove the “Server” name and replace it with the name of the recipient which personally sounded a far better option.

The (always) helpful Cormac O’Leary from the Sametime PMR team assisted and liaised with L3 and provided me with a new cumulative hot fix. Once installed I had to add  to edit stproxyconfig.xml, located in AppServer/profiles/<Profile_Name>/config/cells/<Cell_Name>/nodes/<Node_Name>/servers/STProxyServer/stproxyconfig.xml

Add the following values to the <configuration> element. If a <mobile> element is already present, add the <disableSystemNoficiations> element to that existing element.




Now when an IM is sent to a using on a mobile device the name of the announcement is not “Server” as it is currently but rather the recipient’s name.

new STProxy announcement