Sametime Gateway federation with Google now working

A few weeks ago I blogged that Sametime Gateway federation with Google not working. It turns out it is now working. I was waiting for this to be fixed by Google and incidentally had to restart a customer’s Gateway server and on restart I noticed whilst tailing the trace.log that there were no errors like I had seen before.

I emailed IBM as I had two PMR’s open (for separate customers) and told them that it is now working. Shortly afterwards I received the following official response from IBM.

The connectivity issues reported last month seems to be not relevant anymore. It seems Google rolled back their changes and currently customers can federate with them (unless something will be changed again on Google end)

The symptoms of issue were:
1) Google community could connect (indicated as Green)
2) In traces, there was “cancel” response for any traffic targeted to gmail users:
<presence to=”…” from=”…” type=”error”><error code=”503″ type=”cancel”><service-unavailable  xmlns=”urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas”/></error></presence>

About issue reported below, Google IPs are not validated by the gateway through the dialback (XMPP handshake), but customers firewall may block Google response from these IPs in case it not modified by the customer and the dialback will fail. While Google modifying their servers list sometimes, customers should open their firewall to specific IPS range and follow the changes by themselves.

Federation with Google is so flaky and the biggest frustration with this piece of technology. Well at least it is working….. for now.