Leavers showing as off line through the Sametime Gateway

An internal user described a problem where as a leaver was showing as on line to IBM colleagues via their Sametime client, further more chats sent to the leaver was being received by the leaver’s manager. Our Gateway is federated with IBM’s so I can chat with them. I was a bit sceptical at first but after reproducing it I took a peek.

The manager had added the leaver’s email address to their person document so that email sent to the leaver was routed to them. Running a query for the leaver’s email address using ldapsearch resolved the email address to the  manager.Looking at the trace.log on the Gateway I could see the interaction and the email address resolving to the manager.

I created a mail in database document and added the email addresses of the leaver to it, gave it a name and then pointed the database to the manager’s mail file but still the leaver showed as on line. Looking at the trace.log again showed that

VPUsersCache  3 com.ibm.rtc.gateway.vp.util.cache.VPUsersCache getSTId Retrieved STId: {CN=Manager,O=ACME,}, for email: leaver@acme.com

This tells me that the email is being cached against the manager’s ID. After a restart of the Gateway the leaver does not show on line.