Solution for Sametime connection issue with iNotes when SSL is used

Yesterday I moved a customers single Sametime 8.0.2 server to a new server. The planning and execution went well apart for pesky iNotes integration with STLinks. The customer isn’t huge so going Sametime 9 with SSC and DB2 really didn’t warrant increased consultancy and support costs and certainly not a Sametime Proxy.

Anyway, the problem I had (which wasn’t happening with 8.0.2) was that in IE awareness wouldn’t appear. The buddy list would load and show users added to local groups and show the public groups but not the public groups content. Firefox and Chrome worked fine.

I enabled the Java console and saw errors when the browser tries to download STLinks from the Community server. The URL the browser was trying to use was prepended with HTTPS but the Community server has not been configured for SSL whilst iNotes has.

I then found the following draft Technote in IBM’s knowledge base which gave me two options, 1) to configure SSL on the Community server or 2) to use STLinks on the iNotes server instead thus meaning that SSL can be used.

I followed the instructions and after restarting HTTP on the two iNotes servers awareness and chat in IE worked.

sametime connection issue with INotes when SSL is used

There should be the internet hostname of the sametime server, not the domino name, update the Domino name and restart the inotes server.

A.  configure SSL on the sametime server


B.  Make the following changes to download all stlinks files from the inotes server, but have the applet continue to contact sametime over http.

On the inotes servers please make the following changes.

1.  In the notes.ini set the following parameter:

2.  Backup the stlinks directory on teh inotes server, replace it with the stlinks directory from the Sametime server

3.  In the hostInfo.js make sure you have the following set:

var HTTP_TUNNELING_PORT=8082;                 ** Note this may also be 80, it depends on the st config, either should be fine, just leave it as it’a already set **

4.  In the stlinks.js
set the following variable to the hostname of the sametime server:
var STHost=””;

NOTE:  this variable already exists in the file, you simply need to update the value it’s set to.

4.  use the signed stlinks.jar
backup the existing stlinks.jar in lotus/domino/data/domino/html/sametime/stlinks
copy signed/stlinks.jar to the stlinks folder

5.  restart inotes to pick up all the changes
on the client you are testing with delete all temp internet and jvm files (control panel – java) and test inotes again.