Sametime 9 policies not working due to slashes in the policy name in SSC

I had come back on site to a customer to deploy some other Sametime 9 services and found that the managed-settings.xml wasn’t being applied to the clients.

I remembered reading Gabriella Davis’ blog so I found it and at first I enabled POLICY_DEBUG_LEVEL=5 and then updated adding  SSCUserName, SSCPassword and removing SSCEncodedAuthorization.

I added the following trace to STConsoleServer, **=all which allowed me to see the policies read from the STSC.POLICY.TEMPLATE table to make sure they were populated.

The Community server was restarted that evening but still policies were not being applied to the clients. Thanks to the debug I then had some useful output in the Trace directory to look through and found this:

[ 07:58:57.560 | 04.12.2014 | FINEST | 1 ] : DbXmlBlackBox : readSortedData : Policy DTO=> Policy ID: Managed.settings.28/10/14;Policy Weight: 3;Policy Label: null;Policy Type: USER
[ 07:58:57.576 | 04.12.2014 | SEVERE | 1 ] : DbXmlBlackBox : readSortedDataForProducts : PolicyException: Not Found
Caused by: Not Found

I previously created an IM policy called “Managed settings 28/10/14” which wasn’t liked. As there is xml involved I removed the slashes to leave “Managed settings 281014.”

I restarted STConsoleServer and then restarted the STPolicy Windows service on the Community server and this triggers activity on the STConsoleServer. Now that the slashes were removed the files policies.server.xml was updated adding the managed settings policy to policies.user.xml which is in the program directory of the Community server. Subsequently, the policy was then applied to the clients.


This provide high level information on all policies, IM, audio/video etc.

http://ssc:9080/stpolicy/policy/av.anonymous.policy & http://ssc:9080/stpolicy/policy/av.default.policy

These URLs provide details of the default audio/video policies.