Sametime meetings not working in STProxy web client

I found that for a customer the meetings icons in the STProxy web client wasn’t bringing up the user’s meeting rooms. After a bit of debugging server trace showed that an LtpaToken was being generated but the browser wasn’t getting an LtpaToken returned to it. It drove me made because the STProxy doesn’t need to have SSO enabled for it to work like the Meeting server does, regardless of that, SSO worked in all directions between the Community server and the Meeting server and the STProxy is in the same cell as the Meeting server so SSO should work!

I raised a PMR and IBM asked me to add the following to the stproxyconfig.xml. After a sync and a restart of STProxy all is well.


(replace with your domain)

I’m not sure whether this is missing from the patch they are running which is CKEY-9L9JM5 which is not the latest patch released a couple of weeks ago BPAS-9QSNS7.

The comment from IBM is “for long term the code should be fixed, dev created rtc ticket for it as well as APAR created: LO83144”