URL preview in IBM Connections 5.0 CR02 – ifix LO84882 required to work with forcedConfidentialCommunications enabled

On all builds of IBM Connections 5.0 CR02 I have faced a problem with URL preview not working when forcedConfidentialCommunications is enabled in LotusConnections-config.xml.

In the Knowledge Center a number of people have tried to get this working and some have settled on disabling forcedConfidentialCommunications and forcing SSL on the web server. I don’t like this approach due to the rewrites needed and the uncertainty of what may change in the future.

I raised a PMR with IBM since this problem was supposed to be fixed in LO82306 which was included in CR02. After a bit of to’ing and fro’ing IBM provided me with LO84882. On applying the ifix URL preview now works.