Sametime meeting widget on IBM Connections 5.0 CR02 – error 403

I like the integration points between Connections and Sametime. The meeting room widget is a useful bridge which allows you to create meeting rooms to be used for a community. This means there is no need to create your own and try to remember who needs access to the room, whether the content needs to be removed etc. The widget keeps the membership of the meeting room in line with the membership of the community via a member synchroniser (or synchronizer).

I had some problems with CR02. I didn’t have the same problems with 4.5 and various CRs.

Firstly, the documentation in the knowledge center is inaccurate and a bit sloppy though I think that was still the case with 4.5. You can see the various comments me and others have posted on the pages. Read these comments, as I don’t know whether IBM have updated the main text yet.

If you follow the instructions as well my comments you should get as far as getting 403 exceptions in the widget. This is an AJAX proxy error BUT based on the documentation the configuration is correct. I raised a PMR with IBM and over the weeks the following steps were taken which resolved the problem.

I will provide snippets of the various files I made changes to so please supplement the knowledge center with my findings.


There are two ifixes I applied.




The use of {communitiesSvcRef} is more in line with the other contents of this file. It avoids needing to hard code the “url” and “iconUrl” values. Also, never call the xml or jpg using c:\ or /opt/IBM/ as the images will not show properly in a web browser.

The last thing that got this working was to remove any reference to the port number from “sametimeMeetingsServerUrl.” I had followed the knowledge center and added “:443″ to the end of it.

<widgetDef defId=”Meeting Rooms” primaryWidget=”false” modes=”view fullpage” uniqueInstance=”true” url=”{communitiesSvcRef}/MeetingRoomsWidget/MeetingRoomsWidget1.xml” iconUrl=”{communitiesSvcRef}/MeetingRoomsWidget/meetings-icon.jpg”>
<item name=”sametimeMeetingsServerUrl” value=”; />
<item name=”widgetFilePath” value=”/communities/MeetingRoomsWidget/” />
<item name=”communitiesBaseUrl” value=”{communitiesSvcRef}”/>
<widgetDef defId=”Members” primaryWidget=”false” modes=”view fullpage” showInPalette=”false” uniqueInstance=”true” url=”{webresourcesSvcRef}/web/lconn.comm/communityMembers/communityMembers.xml?etag={version}” helpLink=”{helpSvcRef}/topic/”>
<item name=”membersPerPage” value=”12″/>
<item name=”membersPerPageFullPage” value=”16″/>


Be mindful of the forward slash and star in the “policy url.” Also, if you follow the example in the knowledge center then wsadmin will error when you try to check the file in because the order is incorrect (unless they have updated the entry).

<proxy:policy url=”*&#8221; acf=”none”>


IBM suggested that I add this. I added the following entries early on in the course of the PMR to rule out AJAX proxy permissions. This may not be required but I haven’t tested it without it.

allow(“.*”, “.*”, “http\\:\\/\\/meetings\\.collaborationben\\.com\\/.*”);
allow(“.*”, “.*”, “https\\:\\/\\/meetings\\.collaborationben\\.com\\/.*”);

Creating a shared library

Don’t blindly copy and paste the contents of because in a previous step you unpacked the SDK files into different directories.

Error 412

The final error I got (after the 403) was a 412 error which is mentioned in the knowledge center and one that I came across in 4.5.

412 Failure to create a meeting room.
Possible cause:

The X-ST-CSRF-Token is invalid. Connections has set the HTTPONLY flag.

Workaround for error 412:
Note: Only implement this workaround if you understand its effects and consequences.

Log in to the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console as the WebSphere administrator. (The URL ends with /ibm/console).
Click Servers > ServerTypes > WebSphere application servers.
Select the server you are working with.
In the Container settings section, click Web container settings > Web container.
In the Additional properties section, click Session management.
Click Enable cookies hyperlink.
Ensure that the Set session cookies to HTTPOnly to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks option is NOT selected.
Click Apply.
Resynchronize the nodes, and restart the WebSphere application server.

I disabled Set session cookies to HTTPOnly to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks for all the Connections applications servers, synced and restarted.


Since I only had the one community that had the widget applied to before the final changes I can’t say for sure they you will need to remove the widget and add it again or simply refresh it. You should experiment for yourselves and be mindful of any browser caching.

With this in mind, it should be working nicely for you.


View all

I have noticed that “view all” does nothing when clicked on it. I created six meeting rooms through the widget. The widget only shows five so I expected that it should take me to the “Meeting rooms” view where all rooms are shown. In Fiddler nothing is reported. I have asked the question of IBM.