Error accessing Sametime SIP Proxy Registrar in SSC

During a build in a development environment on RHEL 6.7 for a customer I came across “unable to read data from SIP Proxy, check error logs for more detail.” This was after installing the combined PR & CF and attempting to update the domain name.


I found a Technote, Audio and Video is not available in Sametime – Error: “Unable to read data from SIP registrar, check error logs for more details” which was of no use to me.

In the deployment manager  SystemOut.log I saw the following:

[10/29/15 10:07:15:105 GMT] 000001cc config        W ConfigurationHelper validateConfig AVKPR1008E: Exception
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element ‘locationServiceType’. One of ‘{domains}’ is expected.
at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseException(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.error(Unknown Source)


[10/29/15 10:08:41:475 GMT] 00000170 proxy         E ProxyConfigWriter writeConfigFile AVKPR1008E: Exception cells/devsama001SSCCell/nodes/devsama00STMSNode2/servers/STMediaServer/proxy.xml


[10/29/15 10:08:44:321 GMT] 00000170 registrar     E RegistrarConfigWriter writeConfigFile AVKPR1008E: Exception cells/devsama001SSCCell/nodes/devsama00STMSNode2/servers/STMediaServer/registrar.xml

# vi ./opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/STSCDMgrProfile/config/cells/CELL/nodes/NODE/servers/STMediaServer/proxy.xml

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!– Copyright IBM Corp. 2008, 2014  All Rights Reserved.              –>

SIP Proxy server configuration file.

Proxy settings:
isRecordRoute – true/false
Indicates whether the SIP Proxy remains on the SIP signaling path (works in a record-route mode)

isParallel – true/false
Indicates whether the SIP Proxy uses parallel or sequential search.

Specifies application session expiration value in minutes

timer C value in minutes. This value must be greater than or equal to 3, recommended value is
3-5 minutes. This timer is set for each client transaction when an INVITE request is proxied.

routeRules –
Specifies a set of route rules that contains route conditions and destination address.
The routing rules are used to to determine the destination of the request.


<proxy isRecordRoute=”true” isParallel=”false” appSessionExpiration=”10″
timerC=”4″ addDestinationPublicIP=”false”
<rule priority=”” name=”” description=””>
<condition type=”method”></condition>
<condition type=”sourceAddress”></condition>
<condition type=”requestURI”></condition>
<condition type=”header” headerName=””></condition>
<inputPattern type=”requestURI” value=””/>
<outputPattern type=”header” headerName=”Route” value=””/>
<domains>       <domain name=””/>       </domains> </config>

I compared this with another deployment which runs a slightly older version of 9 and it doesn’t have the text in bold above and looks like the following.

    <proxy isRecordRoute=”true” isParallel=”false” appSessionExpiration=”10″
timerC=”4″ addDestinationPublicIP=”false”/>

# cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/STSCDMgrProfile/config/cells/devsama001SSCCell/nodes/devsama00STMSNode2/servers/STMediaServer/

# cp ./proxy.xml ./proxy.xml.orig

# vi ./proxy.xml

I removed the offending line and then sync’d the nodes, logged out of the SSC and now I can update the Handled Domains sections without an error.

Once I build in production I will see whether the same problem is observed. If so, I will raise a PMR to check whether my workaround is valid. BTW – I was using the latest version of the SSC and Media Manager available from Fix Central.


Sametime Video MCU problems

When applying the latest version of the Video MCU available on Fix Central 9001-ST-Media-FP-SPIR-9ZTF3Z I faced problems when configuring the VMCU to use a TURN server.


I uninstalled and tried again but the result was the same. I found a draft Technote which didn’t help.

“service soft_mcu status” returns “SoftMcu service is unavailable” although soft_mcu is up.
“service soft_mcu status” returns “SoftMcu service is unavailable” although soft_mcu is up.
You will encounter errors in accessing setting of MCU in System Console Server (SSC).
“An error occurred while retrieving the IP service.” in accessing “Video MCU global settings”.
“An error occurred while retrieving Video MCU users.” in accessing “Manage Users”.
“An error occurred while retrieving alarm health status” in accessing “Active Alarms”.
“An error occurred while logger configuration data” in accessing “Configure Logging Settings”

Due to deletion of necessary files under /tmp by tmpwatch cron.
Linux OS.
Diagnosing the problem
Video MCU places some files under /tmp directory including httpd.listen.conf that is necessary for status check of Video MCU (“service soft_mcu status”).

Resolving the problem
If you can not find it, tmpwatch cron has deleted files under /tmp unaccessed for more than 10 days as default.  Chek your cron setting and delete or modify the settings.
Stopping and starting re-create necessary files under /tmp.

I also found After updating Sametime System Console not able to see settings for VMCU which I followed even though I had not installed the SSC hot fix SPIR-9VM7XJ. This didn’t work either. I raised a PMR. Waiting for it to make it’s way up to L3 is slow going so I decided to uninstall and use an older version of the VMCU, 9001-ST-Media-FP-SPIR-9RHDAJ, which I could configure and didn’t get “an error occurred while retrieving the IP service.”

There was a bit of too’ing and fro’ing and the long and short of it is that I got the SSC hotfix, which I applied, and then upgraded the VMCU but I still got “an error occurred while retrieving the IP service” when attempting to update the settings.

L3 responded and told me that there is a known problem configuring the TURN server from the SSC and below is how to manually configure these settings.

  1. Open /mcms/Cfg/IPServiceListTmp.xml  (Make the backup of IPServiceListTmp.xml in case something goes wrong, so you can recover)
  2. In SIP_ADVANCED section, set three parameters as below:
    1. Set ICE_ENVIRONMENT to iceEnvironment_standard. By default, value is iceEnvironment_none.
    2. Set STUN_SERVER_IP to TURN server IP.  By default, value is
    3. Set TURN_SERVER_IP to TURN server IP.  By default, value is
After these changes, SIP_ADVANCED section will look like this.
3. Restart the MCU service with “service soft_mcu restart” command. This will copy the TURN configuration from IPServiceListTmp.xml to IPServiceList.xml. MCU is now configured with TURN server. If you have any issues, send us  IPServiceList.xml and  IPServiceListTmp.xml files.
After doing this the the settings were populated correctly BUT you cannot update the values from the SSC, you need to change them in IPServiceListTmp.xml.
IBM tell me that an SSC fix will be available in 9.0.1 release soon.