IBM Connections Metrics graphs stop working after 365 days with CAM-CRP-1098 error about CSK

A Connections 5.0 CR03 customer logged a ticket because graphs stopped working in Metrics, no data was shown in any community or global Metrics.

In pogo_*.log I found the following errors.

2016-05-06 11:55:59.536 ERROR [.handlers.dispatchercache.CacheFileHandler] WebContainer : 8: Failed during cache file read CAM-CRP-1098 Unable to find the common symmetric key with alias ‘************’ in the keystore ‘/opt/IBM/Cognos/CognosBI/configuration/csk/jCSKKeystore’.

2016-05-06 11:56:15.839 ERROR [.handlers.dispatchercache.CacheFileHandler] WebContainer : 5: Failed to get URL parameters for dispatcher cache file serve CAM-CRP-1098 Unable to find the common symmetric key with alias ‘****************=’ in the keystore ‘/opt/IBM/Cognos/CognosBI/configuration/csk/jCSKKeystore’.

To restore service I restarted Cognos and all was well.

After a little bit of digging it looks like there is a common symmetric key (CSK) and the default for these are 365 days. I looked at the date some of the files and directories were created and they were around a year ago, give or take a couple of days.

Looks like what has happened is that the configuration client has not been opened for a year. On opening and saving the client saves the configuration and also refreshes the CSK key.

After a year the CSK rolls and is recreated causing the errors and the problems I observed. It’s not until a restart that it starts working again having read in the new keys.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again you can open the client using (BI and Transformer) and X11 or cogconfig.bat and increase the lifetime value. On save and close the keys will be updated. You should restart Cognos afterwards.


If you’d prefer to avoid the client or can’t X11 then update the following files.



Changing the following value

<crn:parameter name=”CSKLifetime”>
<crn:value xsi:type=”xsd:long”>365</crn:value>

Save and close the file and then run -config which will then create cogconfig_response.csv.*date*_*time*.log and in there you can see the keys have been refreshed.

INFO, “[main]”, “Silent Execution Mode (start)”
EXEC, “[main]”, “Loading configuration file”
SUCCESS, “[main]”, “Completed successfully.”
EXEC, “[Cryptography]”, “Generating cryptographic information”
SUCCESS, “[Cryptography]”, “Completed successfully.”
EXEC, “[Save Configuration]”, “Saving configuration parameters”
SUCCESS, “[Save Configuration]”, “Completed successfully.”
INFO, “[main]”, “Silent Execution Mode (end)”