Sametime Proxy web client to web client audio and video

In a recent New Way To Learn session hosted by Frank Altenburg he gave us the changes necessary to enable this feature but my brief testing has been mixed.

To enable it you change stproxyconfig.xml in /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/STSCDMgrProfile/config/cells/SametimeSSCCell/nodes/*******/servers/STProxyServer/ for Linux adding “<onetoonefeature>true</onetoonefeature>”


Sync the nodes and then restart the Sametime Proxy server.

When you log into Sametime Proxy you’ll see that you need to install the WebPlayer plugin if you haven’t already as shown by the stars next to the two new icons.



You’ll need to accept some pop ups allowing the plugin to run.

My brief testing was mixed. I was testing on two Windows laptops and hadn’t restarted them after the plugin was installed not that it stopped me from using AV in a meeting. In most cases I saw “Call unavailable for Selected Contact” even though they were both web clients with the plugin installed.


I’ll test some more over the weekend. Let me know if anyone gets better results.

Remember this is a technology preview and may not be ready for production use!