IBM Connections Mail not working due to Domino view oddness

I’m sure I could have come up with a better title but I’m not sure how else to put it.

Prior to going live with an internal Connections 5.5 deployment my colleagues in India were testing Connections and they kept getting the following error appear on each page in Connections.

"You are no longer logged in. Click OK to discard your current work and go to the log in screen...."


Having seen this in customer environments in the past I knew it was due to IBM Connections  Mail but I didn’t know why.

I had the user open up (in a new tab in the same browser) the URL for iNotes and he got the following error.

"CN=****** you have insufficient rights for /mail/***.nsf. Please login with a username and password which has sufficient rights."


SSO has been set up correctly and the configuration is the same for everyone. Those in the UK work fine.

I compared the DistinguishedName in AD (as Connections uses AD for it’s LDAP) and the OU my colleagues in India use differs to those in the UK. I noticed that there was a double space between the words in one of the India OUs. That was the only difference between the two sets of users.

I checked the value in the user’s person document, Administration tab and LTPA user name field and it showed correctly ie it had the double spaces in it.

My colleague looked at all the users connect to the iNotes server. For me it showed my Domino format name ie Ben Williams/Something/Org but for the problematic user and his colleagues it showed his AD name still. So name resolution wasn’t working.

We scratched our heads and then I remembered an old problem for a customer (not related) and had my colleague open the address book and we looked in the $USERS view. In there we saw the user but the DN did not have the double space but a single space. That would explain why the AD DN didn’t resolve to the Domino hierarchical name.

When my colleague attempted to paste the AD DN into the user name field of his person document and save the change we saw that the text “moved” removing the additional space! I Googled, looked at the old Domino Technote database and the APAR support website but I couldn’t find anything to describe why this would happen.

In the end I spoke with our AD guys and they updated the OU removing the extra space. Then we updated the LTPA user name field (just to keep things clean) and our brethren in our India office could use IBM Connections Mail.