Cannot update RunAs role in Connections 6.0 with WAS FP10

A few weeks a go I was running a host of updates for a Connections 6.0 customer. One of the changes was to move from a local user to an LDAP user for connectionsAdmin but I got the following error when trying to add the new LDAP user, “User ID or password did not match.”

For anyone who has had to change the administrative user before you know that you do not want to back out after getting so near to the end of the process.

Since it was late in the day I posted this to the ever helpful Skype group of Connections experts and Tobias Grosse chipped in immediately telling me he had found the same thing with the product with the same Domino LDAP. He told me that it is fixed with PI69518 and included in WAS FP11.

After stopping all the JVMs and applying FP11 I was able to update the RunAs role. Phew.

Thanks Tobias.