Whiteboard now removed from Sametime meetings

I created Whiteboard in Sametime 9.0.1 after finding that a whiteboard feature was added to meetings some time ago.

This morning Andreas Bader got back to the Skype group, IBM Sametime Community Chat after finding that the whiteboard feature had been removed after applying the latest Meeting server patch. Andreas had logged a PMR asking IBM where it had gone. IBM’s response was;

“I can confirm The Meetings Whiteboard feature release is being put on hold indefinitely.
The module “Core Whiteboard Services” has been removed permanently from the ST Meetings build, the whiteboard was an unsupported proof of concept feature.”

Cheers IBM. You finally gave us something people wanted for ages and then took it away.


Whiteboard in Sametime 9.0.1

Having just got over a problem with the Meeting server detailed in Sametime 9.0.1 Meeting server update fails due to DEPSTATUS of partial I wanted to look at the whiteboard feature that is in 9.0.1.

On a recent TechTalk whiteboard was mentioned but it was made clear that it is not supported and is not enabled by default.

The way to enable it is pretty easy.

Enterprise Applications -> Sametime Meeting Server -> Manage Modules

Map Core Whiteboard Services to STMeetingServer

Enterprise Applications -> Sametime Meeting Server -> Virtual Hosts

Map Core Whiteboard Services to the relevant VH

SSC -> Sametime System Console -> Sametime Servers -> Sametime Meeting Servers

Change whiteboard.enabled to be true and I also updated whiteboard.fileio.codebase to a different path.


Sync the node and restart the Meeting server.

When you log in next you’ll see the following.


It’s rather nice. If you draw a shape it will try to auto correct it smoothing out any of the shaky cursor lines to create a circle or square etc


It will be interesting to see why it’s not currently supported or what the implications are of enabling it. It may be that it was added late in the development process and hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough. Nevertheless it will be a useful tool.

I haven’t played much with it but now you can do it for yourselves!